Saturday, January 31, 2004

Bridges and Beaches

We left Dorrigo and headed down the coast. On the way we stayed one night near St. Stephens which is known for its koala population. We spent hours hiking around hoping to see one of these guys. And then we finally did. It was hanging out in the tree completely to oblivious to the growing crowd beneath it. Too lazy to care I guess. Why don't we have any pics of him I wonder???

Then we were in Sydney. We stayed in Kings Cross with its drug dealers and strip clubs. Lovely place to stay with the parents but it was conveniently located near everything we wanted to see. And it was cheap.

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Resting after possibly the a truly boring tour of the Governors Mansion
Really? Another piece of furniture made from oak???

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That would be the infamous Harbour Bridge behind us

I spent my final day in Sydney with my parents on Bondi Beach. It was packed and the weather was lovely. I put the final touches on my tan before heading back to Brissie to lose it while I worked for three months.

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Mom and I at crowded Bondi

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