Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Where did all my money go???

My typical lazy self is using some old emails to fill in this section of my blog...some pics to follow

Hi all

So I have had a few questions as to my lack of email updates in the past couple of months. I decided to spare you all the tedious details of my many days spent working/hanging out in the Brisbane area and took a brief hiatus. Anyway, Kirsten and I are on the road again so thought I would let you all know what I am up to.

We flew from Brisbane to Cairns last Thursday and we greeted by three days of black clouds and rain in "Sunny" north Queensland. We spent some time running in and out of travel agencies investigating the best deals on travel activities for east coast Australia. Cairns is the backpacker mecca of Australia (and quite possibly the world!) so there is tons of competition for my money. Every shop seems to be either a travel agency, digeredoo shop or "The #1 Backpacker Bar in Oz"

Anyway, after painfully shelling out a substantial amount of my hard earned dollars from the past few months we booked our dive course and other "must do" activities for our trip down the coast over the next month.

On Saturday we headed to far north Queensland. After all the time spent in cities during the past months the calm of the rainforest and beaches was a welcome relief. On September 1st (the first day of Aussie spring) the sun finally made an appearance and I have started to lose the glow of my pale white canadian skin.

We spent a couple of nights just north of the Daintree River at a spot called Crocodylus. Sadly, no spottings of the infamous Aussie Crocs. But we were surrounded my rainforest wildlife. Shocking that a place continually filled with the noise of the birds, insects and other wildlife could be so peaceful. Our beds were housed in large tent/cabin hybrids and I was forced to quickly dispell my rodent fears when I was told of the small rainforest mice that come out to feed at night. Even more so when we awoke on our first morning to find one had chewed through Kirsten's daypack in search of an empty candy wrapper she had neglected to remove!

So now we are back in Cairns and eager to start our dive course tomorrow morning which includes a three day liveaboard out on the reef.

Lots of love to all,

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