Friday, October 03, 2003

Homesickness in Singapore

I flew to Singapore a couple of days before Kirsten. In terms of Asian cities it was on the far side of intimidating. But I was hot and I was homesick. Although I never quite figured out which home I was sick for....Canada or my new home in Australia.

I wandered from one airconditioned facility to the next. I found the heat overbearing. I tried to buy a memory card at the Electronics mall and the rude sales men made me cry. I fled back to my airconditioned hostel where I met Minaki. Making new friends does wonders to ease homesickness. He accompanied me the next day to the mall and made sure I didn't get ripped off.

When Kirsten arrived we walked and walked and walked around. There are all these great neighbourhoods. Little India was the best. It was the first day of Diwali and all the Hindu temples were packed with people offering beads & incense and even bathing in this milk like substance. So cool though still not convinced I want to go to India proper.

We went to the Night Safari at the zoo. Unbelievable animal sightings including some elusive tigers and leopards. The city bus had televisions. They were playing Survivor.

We ate breakfast at a traditional roadside cafe complete with mini plastic stools. We ordered eggs and they came to our table in a covered bucket of hot water. The waitress instructed us to wait 10 minutes. So we did but when we cracked them open they were raw. Waited another 10 minutes and they were still raw. We just ate our toast. The locals found our confusion very amusing.

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