Thursday, January 22, 2004

Stepping Out in the Outback

On our drive from the Barossa to Broken Hill we stumbled upon a real ghost town. Tumbleweeds rolling down the street and all. At the edge of town was this field with weird "scupltures" (I guess you could call them that) All very random and typical of Australia.

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???No idea what this guy is supposed to be???

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You've heard the one about the Dingo and the Baby right?

There wasn't a whole lot doing in Broken Hill. It was this typical town just in the middle of absolute nowhere. It had a McDonalds and everything. But there was the hill (broken perhaps?) outside town where we caught a killer sunset. The rock carvings all depict a part of Austalia's history and culture.

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That's Kirsie through the peephole

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Enjoying the sunset

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